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Too Much to Lose Social Media Toolkit

Too Much to Lose ready-to-use social media content

Utilize the ready-to-use social media content and graphics below to support Too Much to Lose promotional efforts and to supplement your efforts in sharing resources with Service members. Below you will find prewritten messages highlighting the purpose of the campaign and its new website. For more information, please contact webmaster@toomuchtolose.org.

Social Media Messages

These messages are suitable for sharing through social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please feel free to include hashtags according to your team’s best practices and digital strategy.

Posts about the Too Much to Lose campaign

  1. Using illicit or prohibited drugs, or misusing prescriptions can impact your health, career and well-being. Get the truth on risky drug use at Too Much to Lose: toomuchtolose.org
  2. Risky drug use can affect your health, career, relationships and overall well-being. Find out more on the new Too Much to Lose site: toomuchtolose.org
  3. Too Much to Lose is a new Defense Department campaign with information about the risks of prescription drug misuse and illicit and prohibited drug use. Find out more: toomuchtolose.org
  4. Learn the truth about risky drug use with the Defense Department’s new campaign, Too Much to Lose: toomuchtolose.org

Posts about fentanyl

  1. Did you know that fentanyl is about 100x stronger than morphine and 50x stronger than heroin? Fentanyl is sometimes laced into illegal drugs, like cocaine, and can be fatal. Know the facts and learn about risky drug use: toomuchtolose.org/trending-topics/illicit-drugs
  1. Have you heard about the dangers of rainbow fentanyl? Every color, shape and size of rainbow fentanyl is illegal, highly addictive and extremely dangerous. Know the risks and what to look out for: toomuchtolose.org/prescription-drug-facts/other-prescription-drugs/fentanyl

Posts about cannabis products

  1. You may think Delta-8 THC is natural and harmless to your health but think again. Most Delta-8 is made in a lab and can have added toxic ingredients and chemicals, like bleach and nail polish remover. Get the facts: toomuchtolose.org/marijuana-cbd-hemp-facts/get-the-truth-about-delta-8-thc
  1. FACT: Cannabis products including all medical and recreational marijuana, Delta-8 THC, CBD and most hemp products are banned for U.S. Service members, no matter the federal, state or local legal status. toomuchtolose.org/marijuana-cbd-hemp-facts
  1. Did you know that hemp, marijuana and CBD are banned substances for U.S. Service members? Know the facts to avoid risks to your health and career: toomuchtolose.org/trending-topics/illicit-drugs


These are examples of social media graphics to accompany Too Much to Lose campaign messaging and resources. These full-resolution graphics below are available for use, simply right click the image and save the file.


TMTL campaign announcement for Twitter


TMTL campaign announcement for Facebook

If you or someone you know is in crisis, contact the Military Crisis Line at 988 and press 1, or Text 838255. You can also call 911.